I’ve been reading books about food since I got into the foodie culture in my late teens. Whether it is a novel about a cooking school, a memoir about training at Le Cordon Blue Paris, or a nonfiction book about the future of sustainable food, I find myself constantly coming back to tales of food, farming, and adventures in the kitchen.

I love the idea of sharing what I’m reading and have read with those are interested in diving into a good book about all things food-oriented.


The Unsettling of America by Wendell Berry. Click here to read the blog post where I discuss my initial thoughts on the book. Spoiler, it’s a must read!

The Third Plate by Dan Barber. Another must read as he discusses what the future of our plates will look like if we are focused on sustainability of our food systems. An excellent read jam-packed with meaningful, heartfelt stories of farmers, discussions about food and sustainability, and an idea of a more sustainable plate of food that will be necessary as we think about the future of food.


I hope you enjoy and please comment with any food-related recommendations or thoughts of your own!

– Lyd

December, 2017

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