About Lyd and the Blog

Hello & Welcome to Lyd’s Home Cooking Adventures!

I am a millennial on a journey to make home cooked, seasonal meals in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m focusing on:

  • Local, In-Season, Sustainable, & Full of Flavor ingredients.
  • Cultivating relationships with the growers and producers around my area.
  • Reading as much as I can about sustainable farming, eating, and the future of food.

My goal in starting a blog is to have a place to track my cooking progress, to publish my musings on food and sustainability, and to discuss my own thoughts on the future of food and farming in America.

A few things about me:

  • I was born and raised on Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA.
  • I am a coffee snob (and not afraid or ashamed to admit it).
  • I’ve been eating at farm-to-table style restaurants since I was 15.
  • Great food, fresh ingredients, and local economies are my jam.

You can learn more about my hatred for onions and my white-food-only phase here!

My goal with my career and personal life is to foster a way of living that celebrates excellent local, sustainable, and nourishing food; that reduces the footprint on our planet from a globalized food system; and that puts health and wellbeing at the center of the table.

Happy reading and thank you for being here!



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