Transitions: “Hello Spring,” the hiatus from blogging, and the return

March 27, 2018.

Hello Spring! You sprang up on me so quickly, I’ve barely acknowledged your existence! See what I did there? Punny!


It has been a while since I’ve written a post, and there are good reasons for that.

These past few months I’ve been dealing with transitions of all kinds: one job ending and another one beginning; my grandmother passing and the emotions surround that; moving from winter into spring; changing of weather and emotional landscape.

All this to say, I have been absent from the blog AND absent from the kitchen. Yes I am still eating, but I mean absent from being present in my kitchen and enjoying cooking. Long days, lots of new environments and learning all new information is taxing. I haven’t had time to stop, contemplate, and consider what I want to make, what is in season, and how to plan to prepare it.

So that leads us to confession time: I signed up for a meal kit service a few weeks ago.

Note: this photo is not actually what the meal kit looks like, but I wish it looked more like this.


I am not proud of this. It goes against a lot of my core beliefs and it is a *very* temporary solution to this changing season of life.

And before you ask, no I am not sponsored, and no I am not going to say which meal kit service. Only that it is not a pre-made meal. It requires cooking and assembly.

But it is extremely helpful when working over ten hours a day to come home to a meal that is pre-selected, with no grocery shopping, and with limited prep-time.

The benefits of the kit temporarily outweigh the negatives: lots of waste associated with the packaging, meat that I did not personally select and wouldn’t select in the store, not enough extras for leftovers, limited creativity when it comes to flavors, not in-season or local at all.

It has been a life-saver for making meals at home without a lot of time to plan for them. And honestly, I would highly recommend trying a meal kit if you are very new to cooking, want to learn new flavor combinations, or simply want to cut back on eating out but don’t have very much time. They are in fact very helpful with walking you through the steps and teaching someone the process of cooking.

All that to say: they have a valid, useful place in our modern word! BUT I think the packaging needs to be redesigned to be more sustainable. Compostable packaging, or even recyclable, instead of single-use plastics.

The meal kit is a temporary solution. The real solution for me involves meal planning more efficiently and meal prepping when I have time. And with that, I’m going to be blogging regularly again! Stay tuned for once a week posts on meal planning/prepping, eating (or attempting to eat) local foods in the PNW, and in general learning kitchen hacks.

More confessions: I miss going to the grocery store (natural foods store), thinking about the flavors and how I want to combine them, trying different cuisines and new things in the kitchen.


I miss having time to cook a hot meal from scratch every day.

I don’t know how to get into the kitchen after working until 6/6:30/7pm 3 days a week. I’ve been blessed with a work schedule that gives me a whole day off during the week–but the drawbacks (long days, and getting off much later) I’m still adjusting to.

I thought I had the whole meal planning thing down until I had no time for prepping dinners day-of. Whew curve ball! So now I am learning how to meal prep in a whole different way.

How do you balance home-cooked, from scratch meals with a 40 hr/week work week? Do you have any tips or tricks on meal prepping before hand that allow for hot meals every night? Please comment below!

And as always,



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