Chicken Lettuce Wraps!

January 22, 2018

Pan-Asian flavors from a local eater in the PNW? But some of those flavors don’t grow here?!

The caveat to this post: I am trying to eat as locally as possible. So when I have these kinds of cravings, I purchase as much as I can locally and minimal items that have traveled long distances.

So for this recipe, the fresh ingredients are purchased from the local PCC (our natural market). But the sauces I purchased from an international market. My goal isn’t to eat 100% local all of the time, but it is to be very aware of what I am purchasing, where it is coming from, and how many miles it travels in order to end up on my plate.

There are certain flavors I haven’t found locally YET and therefore I purchase them from the international store. Knowing full well they have traveled a long way. It’s not about perfection when it comes to eating locally and sustainably, it’s about awareness and making informed decisions about what you choose to eat and how you choose to shop.

Some weeks food cravings hit me hard and I plan a whole week’s menu around that theme. Other weeks it’s hard to find inspiration for what flavors I want to eat the whole week. Yes I am a taste-bud driven eater. [Check out the next blog post on creative parameters and how I meal plan easily and *relatively* effortlessly.]

But this week, Asian-inspired flavors–Thai & Chinese specifically–stood out as the flavors of the week. Lettuce wraps with the fixings sounded absolutely perfect after eating so much soup + cooked food.

So yesterday I planned some delicious meals that reuse similar ingredients in different ways so we aren’t wasting food and money.

  • Last night: chicken lettuce wraps with mushrooms, grated jicama, grated carrots, mint, Thai basil, vermicelli noodles.
  • Wednesday night: Moo Shu pork and fresh rolls (with jicama, carrots, cucumber, mint, lettuce, Thai basil) with plum sauce.
  • Rest of the week: left overs! And if I have enough time on Thursday, I am going to attempt to make Chinese pork buns with the leftover pork (that was saved before making moo shu pork on Tuesday night). Stay tuned! I’ll make a post if I actually do it.

The recipe I modfied came from Pinterest, from Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen. You can find the full recipe + directions here.

I don’t eat onions. [If you missed the post on onions, find it here.] So instead of onions and water chestnuts–another thing I don’t love– mixed with the chicken, I used crimini mushrooms. I actually knew exactly what I wanted in the wraps and then just looked up a recipe in order to figure out what sauce would be good.



I also decided that I wanted more fresh veggies in my wraps than the recipe called for. I grated jicama and carrots and copped mint and Thai basil. Then made some vermicelli noodles to add to the wraps.

I ate these with chopped herbs, pickled ginger, and plum sauce on top. I also added extra hoisin on top as well. Serve it with whatever kind of sauce you like.

I would make this dish again in a heartbeat. It was delicious.


What are you making? How are you choosing to meal plan? Leave a comment below! Happy feasting!


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