Why Seasonal Eating?

December 19, 2017.


My thoughts on Seasonal Eating and why I’m making a commitment to doing it.


So why seasonal eating?

Why not healthy eating, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, or any other of the countless diets and ways of eating out there?

Because seasonal eating can be done with any and all diets.

Seasonal eating is simply a shift in perception. It looks at eating through the lens of what’s in season in my area. It is a small step that I’ve committed to take to change my impact on the planet, my support for my local farmers over mega-corporations.

It’s a statement against the industrialized food system.

In some cases, it is a choice to buy a more expensive piece of meat and eat less of it over the course of the week. I make this choice because I know that the animal that I will be eating was able to be outside, in a pasture, living a life.

You can debate about meat eating all you want. But for people who choose to eat meat, shifting from mass produced meat operations to a traditional way of eating animals, means you are supporting a way of raising animals that is in tune with their natural rhythms and respects that they are living beings.

I am not going to advocate for veganism, vegetarianism, or meat eating.

I am advocating for a more ethical way of eating and caring for the planet when it comes to our food choices.

I believe we make choices everyday, and actually multiple times everyday, that either reinforce our belief system or are in opposition of it. Eating is something we all have to do in order to stay alive. We have a choice about what we put into our bodies. But it’s more than that. We have a choice about where we choose to purchase our food, what we choose to buy, and how we go about curating our meals.

We have a choice to purchase from a natural foods market or co-op over a large grocery corporation like Safeway, QFC, Walmart (just no), Albertsons, Fred Meyer, etc. By choosing local we are directly supporting the people in our communities that produce the goods we are consuming. I don’t think I fully realized what this meant until this year.

I’ll repeat: we are directly contributing to the wellbeing of our neighbors by purchasing local food.

We are also reducing our planetary footprint. Because we are purchasing from local producers, the amount of fuel used to get the item to us is less than it would be if the item were coming from say Brazil, for example.

May we remember the choices we make daily affect the world around us. Little things add up, small changes add up to large changes.

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